About us

We are Martyn and Lesley (Marley) were a couple of creatives who love to make things. Marty makes things from wood and Lesley is an Artist and Potter. We produce and manufacture our craft blanks from an old barn attached to our cottage from the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Borders.

We combine Martyn’s love of wood and tools and his technical wizardry and Lesley’s love of design and craft making, to create our hand drawn designs and CNC routered craft blanks.

Each of our designs is totally unique from others out there in the market and made from quality 7ml MDF.

We decided to start producing our pieces as there was always something needed to complete a project and what started with Martyn cutting things out with a jigsaw progressed to where we are today with our CNC capabilities. Everything we produce has been designed with crafter’s in mind giving you plenty of scope to make it your own and or enhance your creative make.

Our blanks can be used in all kinds of projects from wall art to furniture, wreaths and signs. To children’s rooms and many other projects. We come up with new designs all the time so why not join our mailing list to see what were up to.

We make it, you craft it…….
Martyn and Lesley x