Eco info

Our Environmental Strategy?

We live in the most beautiful part of the world with our wonderful children and we are very aware of our impact on the planet. We do our best to limit or try to completely cut out our use of plastics. We do not buy anything with palm Oil, we eat a plant based diet, we buy our electricity from renewable sources and we are saving for an electric car. We hope to one day be building our own fully zero carbon home but we are still a long way from our destination at the moment. We just try in every way we can to do a little better in any way we can.

When we started our company we made a decision that we would do everything we could to be as green as we could be and to this end, all our packaging and printed materials are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable and compostable. all the ink used is vegetable based. we know that unfortunately at the moment this does not mean every choice we make is the most cost efficient but we will always put environmental considerations over costs in everything we do.

The Elephant in the room and what we are doing about it?

All of our craft blanks are made from a material called MDF. MDF stands for Medium Density Fibre Board. It is considered a very sustainable product. It is made from waste materials from sustainably managed forestry. However it is not carbon neutral and the glues used in bonding the boards we use are not considered to be either. To most people MDF is considered sustainable and ecologically sound. We think we can do better though.

What are we doing about this.

We have been following a company based in the Netherlands that have pioneered a new process to make an alternative product to MDF which is made from Agricultural waste and it is actually Carbon Negative. We have managed to secure a limited supply of this product but at the moment we cannot get it in large enough volumes to be able to switch over. As soon as we can though we will be and that will be a happy day when we really will start shouting about our green credentials.

In the mean time?

We will keep trying to be as green as we can be. Constantly trying to be as carbon neutral as possible in everything we do.