It is very hard for any small business to be completely eco friendly, As anyone who has tried will know, making the right decisions is often more expensive. Why are principles so expensive? why is a recycled compostable Business card more than twice the price of a new glossy unrecyclable business card. The answer is it just is and until we all demand this type of product it will be so. We are ok with this, someone has to do it to make the changes but not everything is that easy and although all our packaging is 100% recyclable and we are trying very hard to make sure we are on track to be carbon neutral doing it when you are small is difficult. So, we need to discuss the elephant in the room which is the material we use for our craft blanks. MDF is considered to be very environmentally friendly. It’s manufactured from the waste of sustainably grown trees. The parts of the trees that are used for nothing else. These parts are broken down and recycled into chips. So far it’s very good……However glue is added and this is where it is not so good. Now if you removed the glue MDF itself would indeed be a pretty sustainable product but the glue is literally a sticking point pardon the pun of MDFs eco credentials. The glue uses binders which are not particularly environmentally friendly. So there we have the truth. Its not bad, its just not what we want and we are aiming for zero carbon and with MDF we cant get there. We are hoping in the near future to swap out our current MDF for a completely ECO friendly product which is actually carbon negative. we just need to be able to buy enough of it to make it viable and to do that we just need the company to grow up a little before we can make that swap because like everything else the right product is twice the price. We are trying to manage our carbon footprint with our packaging and everything else we do, We just want to be honest in telling you that MDF is not what we want to use, its more of a case of having to use it at the moment and its not that bad, we just want to do better. Mum said honesty is the best policy. Keep and eye out for updates on our materials used in the near future.