Bird House Craft Kit


Build your own Bird House Craft Kit. This sturdy 7mm MDF bird house comes with everything you need to make a beautiful home for your garden birds. It is easy to construct and comes with the Glue and flower decals you can use to decorate your Bird House. The hole size in the Bird house is the size recommended by the RSPB to prevent predation of your wee garden birds and the Hole in the centre of the large flower is the same size so you can overlay it. You can paint this clock with Acrylic paint or why not decoupage it but remember to seal it well so your beautiful work has longevity.

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When fully Constructed the Bird House measures 15cm x 14cm at the base and stands just over 22cm High. The roof extends over the sides of the bird house providing ventilation under the roof and the floor of the Bird house is pre drilled with holes as also recommended by the RSPB.


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