Grandfather Clock


The Clock Stands Just Over 5ft Tall and measures 22 inches deep at the base.


Can you believe it? This Gorgeous Grandfather clock is entirely made out of recycled pallet wood. The Clock stands 5ft tall and measure 22 inches deep at the base. This is a fabulous large staging piece for any entry way, lounge or dining room. The Wood on the clock has been stained and varnished with an Oak stain and it has been waxed and rubbed in all the right places to give it an aged look. It has also had stencils applied to the front and sides giving a nod to an old clock makers of Edinburgh. Its face is only wood that is not pallet wood. This was an old handmade wooden hardwood plater that has been painted and given a crackle effect and waxed and shaded to again give it an aged look. There is a dove flower decal added to the face. The details on this clock have been added by using various pieces of metal hardware such as handles and hinges, The clock mechanism is battery operated and can be changed by simply removing the clock from the face and putting it back in again.

This is a unique piece. We may make more, but they will all be different so this one is a true unique never to be repeated.


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