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We have some pretty solid values that we follow here at Made by Marley,
we may be small but we know what we stand for, beautiful furniture is one thing,
but supporting artistic expression and striving for an eco conscious shopping experience
is equally important to us. Check out our mantra below!


With 20 years of creative experience, we have honed our talents and perfected our craft.

We create in lots of different styles, from Boho to Farmhouse but always with our own twist. For our larger furntiture, no two pieces are ever the same. 


From our hand picked colour palettes, design research, and hours hand blending, mixing and painting, we hope you can see the love, and artistry that goes in to each individual piece we create. 



We are a small team of two, and together we are crazy eco warriors through and through.


We constantly ask ourselves in our day to day life, but also for our business, what can we do to be kinder to our planet? And can a stylish home, still be an eco concious one? We say YES!


We are still learning,
but by making a purchase through us, you know that its one less piece of furnture destined to landfill, painted with low carbon, eco paint, in our little stable in scotland. 

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We believe there should never be gate keeping in creativity. Sharing our knowledge, and helping others get into creating their own projects is incredibly important to us.


We run our own YouTube channel where we create step by step tutorials on our latest projects, or new techniques and tips.


Creativity is food for the soul, why not join us?

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We pride ourselves in restoring, repairing and adding the soul back into preloved pieces of furniture and nic naks. Some of the items we upcycle are retro, some even antique, and even those that are not old in age, don't lack in a story and come with their own quirks!


We celebrate that here
at Made by Marley, and believe we are giving new life, to something once loved and cherished, whilst doing our bit for the
planet too!


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