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Alice in Wonderland flip front drawer cuboard

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  • This cute cabinet with flip front doors has been Up-cycled into a fabulous Alice in Wonderland statement piece of furniture. It's been painted with environmentally friendly paints in a very light mauve and has black and white checks and stripes that have been sanded and aged to give it that old world feel. It's had ornate stencils applied along with decorative moldings to give the piece movement and depth as well as added interested.
    It has stunning Alice in Wonderland decals applied to the front top and sides in a creative and carefully thought out way. It's also had copper leaf applied to the molds and some using a stencil to add more drama. 
    Each one of the little drawers has flipped fronts when you open them and there is a small cuboard with no shelf. It's handles have been changed to work with the design and it's been clear and dark waxed not only to protect the finish but to give it that aged distressed feel. 

  • As with all our Furniture. Delivery is Free anywhere in mainland UK

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