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This glass-fronted cabinet has been reimagined into a gothic steam punk style Apothecary style cabinet.
It has faux style aged glass painted on the top half with a skull design. It has 2 practical shelves in the top and the inside of the top has books decoupaged onto the back giving it the appearance of an old library.
The bottom drawers and two side cabinets have typography applied with gold leaf and the whole piece has been painted black with environmentally friendly paints. The paint had been rubbed of in some areas and distressed back to the original wood finish. It had been given an aged look with dark wax all over giving the black a rich dark appearance. The inside of the bottom drawers have decoupage in the drawers to make it look like it has medicine bottles. The two small cabinets at the bottom do not have shelves and they have not been painted in the inside. 
The glass has been brown waxed and painted around all the glass and across the faux mirrors to make it look grungy and aged.
And the whole piece has had gold leaf applied around the relief edges applied again in a distressed way to again give it the appearance of an old medical cabinet.
This is a fun piece however it's a very beautiful piece and the photos do not really do it justice.
It would make a brilliant statement in any room and practical storage in a kitchen or as a bookcase. The cabinet would make a quirky gin bar or drinks cabinet.

Apothecary Style Hand Painted Gothic Cabinet

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  • This set of drawers has been reimagined into a stunning steampunk-inspired sideboard. Each drawer has had our very own range of steampunk-inspired decoupage paper applied to the front and a crackled paint finish in black applied to each surround there are raised cogs painted in gold and copper applied down the main body of the drawers giving the piece fabulous interest and movement.
    The top has been painted brown and has been dark waxed for extra durability...
    The sides have had rusty metal panels applied with stencil numbers in keeping with the industrial appearance of the piece and all over the whole set of drawers, a rusty paint effect finish has been applied giving it an old-world look.
    There are old handles mixed with vintage and new to create a mix-matched and quirky look to the finish.

    This would be a great piece in any room for a steampunk lover...

  • As with all our Furniture. Delivery is Free anywhere in mainland UK

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