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Circus drawers cabinet

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  • This set of vintage drawers has been given a circus-themed Up-cycled. Featuring a Flotus circus decoupage paper the paper has been blended with various paints to make this appear to look at a vintage print on the drawers.

    Initially painted with black paint it has had distressed crackle paint applied to the piece in a dark red. Heavily distressed and textured this piece looks weathered and aged and shabby.

    This unique piece has black ball feet and small black wooden handles so as not to detract from the design.

    There has been a circus tent cut out made from heavy quality wood applied to the back and this also has the circus theme handpainted and distressed on it. 

    There have been French words stamped onto the piece to complete the French show theme. And I have carried the design down the front of the tight rope walker using a stamped red rose and light blue circus bunting with stars. 4 deep good-sized drawers practical to store household items. This piece is a show stopper a real unique talking point a quirky statement piece. This would look fabulous as an entryway hallway piece or in a kitchen bedroom or dining room. 

  • As with all our Furniture. Delivery is Free anywhere in mainland UK

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